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About Us

About ALZA Exports

Alza Exports is a leading solutions provider in the management of tools and workmen supplies. Our story started in 2005, when our founder Mr Shivraj, started his bag and accessories manufacturing business in India. What began as a small endeavour, has grown to become an organization known for its excellent technical capabilities and state of the art infrastructure spread over multiple manufacturing locations engaging hundreds of employees. For almost two decades, Alza has been a reliable partner for its customers from different business fields all over the world. Our expertise lies in manufacturing a wide range of tool bags, pouches, aprons and other industrial work gears and our craftsmen are adept at working with various raw materials like leather, cotton, polyester, nylon and other such materials to transform ideas into solutions as per customer requirements.

At Alza, we have always believed that quality is the essence behind every successful business and this reflects in the very approach that we take during the manufacturing process. Right from the beginning i.e. choosing raw materials to the finished goods, our experts adhere to international norms of quality while being very selective at the same time to create a product that not only meets the customer’s expectations but exceeds them every time.

Over the period of time, Alza has been renowned for its exceptional quality across the globe and comes across as a place to go for our customers with their requirements of tool bags and other workmen supplies. Our team of highly experienced designers and skilled craftsmen keeps our customers updated with the latest market trends and is familiar with the upcoming requirements of the customers. As a manufacturer that stands by its quality, we have gained immense popularity as a trusted and responsible partner of our enlarged client base across the industries.

Our Philosophy
We at Alza believe that even for the odd jobs, there is the place. Hammering the nails is not as easy as it sounds. The tools and the nails have to be kept in ordered fashion otherwise if left scattered they imbibe a sense of restlessness. They have to be held in an article which should be spacious and sturdy. This becomes the guiding principle for our craftsmanship and forms the core of our organization.

Our Mission
To provide workmen supplies and tool management solutions of the highest quality in order to achieve total customer satisfaction through product innovation, unmatched services, consistent deliveries and competitive pricing

Our Vision
To become the only destination for impeccable quality and value backed by intensive research and development in an environmental and socially responsible manner.

Our Values

Customer Focus
Committing to the success of every customer by providing meaningful opportunities and resources to our customers

Continuously Innovating and improving to stay ahead of times .

Being transparent and accountable in our business operations, ethical and fair to our stakeholders by complying all the applicable legal, safety, health and hygiene, employment and environmental requirements

Safety and Support
Creating a respectful, supportive and dignified environment that fosters independence, learning, growth and ensures the wellbeing and personal safety for all our stakeholders

Community Engagement
Building and sustaining strong connections with partners in the community and leveraging social enterprises to work collectively for the betterment of the community.

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